Monday, November 02, 2009

Leadership and Vision

Highly recommended video:

From the youtube page: "Jerry Porrass research interests are the characteristics of visionary companies in both the United States and Europe; the dynamics of planned organizational change process; organizational vision and its influence on the long-term behavior organizations; and leadership."

Most notable point for me was the speakers answer to a question from the audience, about what one could do if someone 'higher up' was screwing things up or being very counter productive. Paraphrasing: don't confront directly, you will lose. Just spend energy where you have influence. If you and your team under your influence spend enough time doing crazy stuff to counter the bad influence, in order to still produce some results, this waste of effort will get noticed higher up. Then, salvation will come.

Of course, in a democratic organization this sort of bad influence and the resulting waste of energy to counter it, would never happen in the first place.

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