Friday, December 04, 2009

Your Brain at Work - video

Let me quote the video's description:

In his new book "Your Brain at Work," coach David Rock depicts the story of two people over one day at the office, and what's happening in their brains that makes it so hard to focus and be productive. Not only does he explain why things go wrong, but how you can train your brain to improve thinking and performance at work. Based on interviews with 30 neuroscientists, he's developed strategies to help you work smart all day.

Interesting subjects being covered are: why managers screw up your job satisfaction; why smart people are better at managing their own productivity; where actual job satisfaction comes from.

Regarding that last one, it appears that our brains have built-in sensors for:

- certainty,
- status,
- fairness,
- autonomy,
- relatedness.

Whenever we experience a threat to one of these, we experience negative emotions, and vice versa. Remember, this is built into our brains. Very enlightening stuff.

I'm curious to know what mind-tricks or psychology/neurology topics you use or encounter when at work. I usually have a good self-monitoring system telling me when I'm being productive, or warning me when I need some down time.

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